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The Association Board wants our neighborhood to be one that all of us can be proud of, a neighborhood that is working to retain its property values and one that promotes living in peace and harmony.  It does collect Annual Dues at the beginning of each year; the purpose for collecting that dues is to provide money for the upkeep of our entry signs and the road and traffic signage, maintenance of the plantings at the entries, administrative costs and communication materials, occasional neighborhood activities, and insurance to protect our Board Members.

Dues: Membership dues are $60 per year and although are considered optional, all residents benefit from the many actions of the Sherbrooke Neighborhood Association, so we encourage you to participate.  Dues may be paid via check mailed to SNA (P.O. Box 29915, Henrico, VA 23242) or dropped at our Treasurer's house. His address is available via the printed letter you received or via email. Please submit your $60 dues by March 15th.






*If you require a receipt or have other dues-related questions, please contact the SNA Treasurer, found on the Contact Us page.

Tenants & Landlords: If you are a tenant in a home in Sherbrooke, please be sure to share your contact information with the Board so that you can receive updates.  If you are a homeowner and landlord, please provide your current mailing address, email and phone number to the Board by completing the Neighbor Contact Form linked above.  

Be sure to join the Sherbrooke email list to receive important updates, newsletters and notifications of important neighborhood happenings.

Sherbrooke Neighborhood Association, Inc. 

P.O. Box 29915

Henrico, VA 23242

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